Friday, December 11, 2009

Keep The Hope Alive!

Screamyx, phuck yous for throttlin Rapidshare...

"How do you make Lady Gaga angry?"

"Pa-pa-pa Poke Her Face!"

Yeah, I know. It's dumb, but if I do get that chance someday, I'd poke it! But not that Facebook superpoke shit...

BTW, long time no see; guys & gals, willies & titties! Well, it HAS been awhile. Neways, just droppin by awhile here, dustin' and chasin' off em flies and rats while I'm at it. Erm, nothing much to say here, just that I've been sick for the past 2 days now (Tonsils got own3d by New Divide.. daaammnn yooouuuu!) hoping to get better ASAP before I get blasted off, coz y'all UTMers will be seeing this mug of mine (unfortunately) and I'll be seeing yours, real soon... 4 days and counting...

Ninja Assassin

A few days back and when the stench of my bored, half-rotten corpse at home began to overwhelm my family, I'd made my choice to enjoice... What better way than to catch a stoopid ass movie! So, went to catch Ninja Assassin, the only 'good' flick available at that time, with a bunch of Mukah monkeys. Honestly, my expectations for this flick were at an extreme low before entering the cinema, coz most online reviews I read prior were quite harsh (yea, yea. I read the reviews first, so what... hahah) Well, they are sorta true... a friggin snorefest in the 1st half. I know, the plot is laughable, but who cares? How can anyone take Hollywood ninjas seriously anyway... However, the ultra-violent ass-kicking sweetness starts snowballing as it progresses through the 2nd half. And oh... there's SO much 'ketchup' and 'spaghetti sause'! Yummy, to say the least... But with all that red stuff, how come the 100psi blood spewing samurai anime cliche was not there? Illogical, but necessary,man... This movie would have fit perfectly into the Gameboy and SNES era of our lives, during the apogee of our hack'n'slash conquest! Ahh, good ol' times... So happy yet, so sad...

Well, now my head is telling me to lay it off and my ass is telling me to park it right back on that couch, coz beybeh... it's PPS time, wohoo! TV-on-demand is the future man! Check it out here.

P.S - Erm, if there is a way to change the thing to English, holla bec yea? Or is there any English ver. out there at all even? Coz I tink moms is kinda sick of me having her translating the thing all the time. Sorree mom! Hahaks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Semper fi, brother...

Full Metal Jacket

"This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy, who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. Before God I swear this creed: my rifle and myself are defenders of my country, we are the masters of our enemy, we are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace. Amen."

I know where's my rifle at. But, do you?

"STFU!!" - Sergeant Hartman

Right back to the world... Damn right.

If you have a chance to catch this flick, check this guy out.
Chuck-filled with verbal-abuse goodness at its best! Every word dispensed from this guy's mouth is SO damn out of order, it'll need a whole death squad to decontaminate his piehole... Yet, they're so
quote worthy, make you ponder... Don't get me wrong, this guy's alright. Kinda reminded me of my pops during the good ol' days, times when I'm of abundance source of disappointments for him. Ass-kicking aside, you gotta sit through the 2 hour span of this classic to replenish back your ever-lacking manjuice. You owe it to your wang, man... Either that or if you're in dire need for help getting rid of those unearthly sagging manboobs. Get them out of my sight, maggots.

Be glad that after this, you'll be ready for this instead... Coming soon!

Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino

And now, I'm gonna go break stuff... Hyahh!!!

Jam of the Week - Move Though Me - In Flame

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi

Let's start this with a joke...
What kind of bee gives milk?
A boo-bee.

Muahahahaha… get it? -.-||| Erm, why do Japanese don’t have ‘this’ finger? Oh, never mind.

One of the hottest flicks to hit theatres in this 3rd quarter of the year 2009 is definitely going to be G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra. Slated for release on August 7th.

(Click for wallpaper)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra
With just a few simple steps of cutting and pasting, you can churn out this sorta wallpaper too. Enjoice!

Not really fond with the series during my thumb-sucking years but heck, seeing just the brief teaser on Youtube really ignited my inner child and got my adrenaline pumping for some gung-ho, booyah! However, not really sure how it would fair in the box office though. Film critics these days are not really into this stuff anymore. Just give us more, lengthier trailers, would ya? Then, we’ll see how it goes. But don’t give out too much of em juicy bits, hehe.

Snake Eyes really caught my attention. Faceless, voiceless, and nocturne black with a touch of superhuman reflexes and acrobatics; simply the perfect essence for the most badass superhero... EVERR! This is rare, people.

Snake Eyes

Grey Fox aka Cyborg Ninja (MGS1)

Note the resemblance.

Why ar?
All these big budget comic/game to movie adaptations seem to be the rave within the last five years. But, why now? Why not ten years ago? Last time when we were kids, flicks like these (e.g Mortal Kombat, even though it sucked ass) would be a godsend for us fans. However, they weren’t many, if any. Kids today are so damn lucky… Sigh… Mimimimimimi…

Wait, now they are obligated do movies on Space Ghost and Centurions. Gotta love those flashy paintbucketed jet suits...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You've Been Rickrolled!

Zippo Clicking, Zippo Tricking...

Yo, guys and gals, gays and lesbians, hobos and bimbos! I'm back from the dead, yet again! Muahahaha.....

A very warm and fuzzy welcome to my new domain here at Blokespot! Yup, that's right; I'm migrating into Blogspot as we speak (Oorah!). Been willing to jump in the bandwagon for ages now, seeing that all them blogheads would vouch Blogspot as their ‘weapon’ of choice. Although, most I’ve read would recommend Wordpress over Blogger instead. Well, what’s done is done… For the time being, still trying to familiarize meself with the interface. By the way, sorry for the whole Gutteruncensored vibe. Still under construction mar and haven’t got time to spruce things up, haha.

All leets, sila lah tunjuk ajar! Trimas berbanyak!

Anyways, just wanna give you guys a heads up. So… do whatever you like here; bookmark this page, get fed, comment stuff, flame me, or even spam your miracle drugs here; but just do me one favor; if possible please channel all your energy towards your fingertips and click on those cute nuffy ads. I implore you guys for the sake of my future marriage! In return, I’ll try to update you guys here with any worthy news and crap as I see fit. Introducing, my soon-to-be (hopefully…) new concubine! Here you go...

Manfrotto 190XPROB with 486 Ballhead

Isn’t she a beauty...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kilroy Was Here...

Greetings and salutations! Long time no see, my feyyo fwens! Well… it’s been hell-bent ladies…

Man do I suck in architecture. Damn, I don’t even know how to spell the damn thing right (Damn, those space monkeys!). Fucking hate my own design! Spent a fortune and what felt like a lifetime on them but all those painstaking hours all went 90 degree straight down the drain. Felt sick just laying eyes on them (and I’m sure others do too!), urghhh! Nevermind, feel free to regurgitate your stomach contents later on port folio day, y’all. And for the panels… bring on them horses, blast away them cannons coz you know… you’re shootin’ blanks! Muahahahaha, ehuk ehuk! Why do I choose this course again? Aaaanyways, just let it end quickly, coz I wouldn’t want the notion of it creeping down my cerebral cortex anymore. Else, anyone care to spare a few pints of your oozing creative juice? Anyone??

Yeah, I’m gonna do that again… Why’s Wifiutm THAT slow har? Is it moving even? If the refresh button was the G-spot of my baby Sirius, the thing would be basking in a pool of euphoric acid. Yup, still poking at the damn thing as we speak! Have to deliberately stay up late till 6am just to have a slight sense of velocity, but even that is not guaranteed satisfaction, much less topping that of Unimas’. Heard that Unimas wireless speed is far more superior that ours! Up to 700kb/s download speed, WTF? Lucky bastards… Time for drastic measures, UTM ya hear?! Or strip yourself of that name, you sad sod...

So, any worthless events not worth mentioning in here since the last time, you ask? Umm, let’s dive into my thinking pad… Cremated (barbequed) a dear winged friend (Adios, my fwen!) And, there’s this penampilan diri dinner filled with droves of great-looking chicks! Can’t top that, booyah! Too bad didn’t have any pic with ‘em, sigh… Just had DIY steamboat yesterday, yummy! Lucky didn’t kena cirit-birit, fuh… Anything else can’t seem to pop out from my head! And there’s stuff waiting me back at home! I’m coming for you, Snake!

~Time for a short Stupid Ass Movie Review~

I have a knack for ending up watching shitty-ass films (can you even call them that?) in a row this sem. I don’t normally to do that! I must not be in the right mind. But more recently, went to watch an asian produced horror flick, The Coffin! The overview; it’s based on an actual Thai ceremony where mass funerals are held for living dudes and dudettes. Why? It’s believed that if you sleep in a coffin for a given time, you’ll ward off evil, bad luck or perhaps death itself. How ironic… However, one must never alter the wheel of karma or bad things shall befall upon who does. The other details you couldn’t care less. You wouldn’t. This movie still stands solely for its cheap scares. But I’m immune to this kinda stuff already. Chewed up and spitted out after countless rickrolled moments in YouTube kinda make this movie seemed incompetent. Otherwise, the plot’s weak and predictable. Slow-moving, literally make my teeth grind and my ass sore. However, the cast was acceptable featuring Karen Mok, and everyone else. Eventually, it left me at the edge of my seat! … leave the theatre, sigh.

(The following is merely a kiss-ass write and must not, in any way, be taken seriously. I will not be held accountable for any side effects (such as nausea, diarrhea, epilepsy, constipation, nervous breakdown, etc) which may be occur upon reading this crap. You have been WARNED!)

Just finished my first paper two days back and already I’m missing the day I’m proclaimed the ‘goood stoodent’ by this righteous dude amongst the crowd. The constant enlightenment of your prowess inspires, your benevolence will forever be cherished. You’ve changed our lives, including my own. You gave me the sole reason to march on! I’ve never looked at numbers the same way again since! And for that reason alone, I’ve assembled a list of five most voluptuous , in the sincerest hope that can appease your lurid desires (yesss, I know it… hohoho). An obligatory homage to our ever beloved, unforgettable and adorable, Mr. J(toot) B(toot).

I give you…


This is for you Mr. Bakhteri!!

I wouldn’t want find myself in boiling water for the captions. For more info, check out GutterUncensored. Got any better suggestion for the list? Then, go make your own, hahahaha ehuk ehuk!

5. Katy Perry

4. Stephanie Ly

3. Monica Belluci

2. Keeley Hazel

1. Jessica Biel

Seriously, sir. You did change my life…

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pork & Beans

I’ve shed my outer epidermis, and now I feel like a new man! Rooarrr!! And that's NOT me. That's Ah Tieu!

Damn, it’s freezing. Dicks curled, balls shrunk everywhere. Hell, it’s been raining everyday here in Johor for the past two weeks. Heard it’s been like that over in Sibu as well since last week. So, tighten up yer nutsacks boys. This is gonna get ugly…

If it’s not apparent to you than it already is, there seems to be a pattern in my posts. It seems that I upload only one post for each month. Wow, that’s quite chokia (pathetic)! Anyways, more flies are starting to hover around my ever-rotting corpse now, been waiting profusely for the name ‘Wifiutm’ to somehow miraculously pop up in my wireless menu in the middle of the night ever since the break of holiday. However, all the relentless refreshes were fucking pointless, as we confirmed with the office dudes today that they had killed off the network switch since last week , only to turn it back on today, coincidentally. And Houston, we are back online, wohoo!

Yea, got myself a couple of tickets to crash Avril Lavigne’s live concert at Stadium Merdeka held last Friday, booyah! Luckily able to hog a nice seat with good POV in the Orange Zone. It’s obvious the crowd in the free standing zones was quite sparse, surprisingly. Even though we, the Orange Zoners only get to see an almost pint size Avril, the Orange Zone remained the most happening, and jam-packed that night, booyah! Just being able to laid eyes upon the goddess herself is ample to cross her out my bucket list. Note that however, my list doesn’t end there though, muahahaha ehuk ehuk! Though Avril’s had a history of doing crappy live shows, but this time she managed to pull it off quite well, really! Well maybe I’m a lil bit biased, but with a face that’s carved by angels, I don’t fucking give a damn.

Too bad Avril remained cladded in tees and jeans most of the time during the entire span of the show, nothing much revealing. All coz of PAS (threaten to cancel the show just a week prior). Fucking PAS people, damn yall with all your hullabaloos! Even had the nerve to show up that day to spread your ‘wards’, so I’ve heard. Nah! _|_ One more thing, how can the organizers place the VIP seats right in the leading frontline?! That was fucking ludicrous! It’s a sin to even consider doing that for a rock concert! Like Chinese opera during Hungry Ghost Festival. Or maybe that’s the trend these days? (Head spins till decapitated) Wait, none of Orange Zoner’s business really though, ehehe.

A whole lotta of vids, but not even one decent pic worth uploading. Well, what can you do but suck it up, heheh. The above is worthless, least better than squat.


Another stupid movie review!

Seems like the release of any anticipated flick in this quarter slice of the year is getting real bleak. So what better way to splurge your time and cash unduly on more stupid B-rated movies or worse? Take Babylon A.D. I’ll make this one short, coz well… this movie came up short in everything.

Honestly, never knew of the title’s existence before last week seeing it’s teaser while chomping on some grub in 333. Quite interesting… And there’s Vin Diesel! Oh, goodie! I thought. Set in the desolated near future of gloomy war-torn Russia, the grave for dilapidated buildings, a ruthless hired gun was dispatched for his next task, a courier job to deliver a package to the States, which in this case, an innocent young girl. Subsequent events led to reveal the true identity of the girl and his own involvement as the girl’s guardian, which could be mankind’s only hope to persevere in the corrupted future. The bearer of messiahs. Sounds intriguing? It is.

But a good movie? It is most definitely not.

To put it simply, this movie is like half an orgasm. It has got plenty of foreplay , but ultimately it’s still NOT orgasm. Just a worthless experience you wish it didn’t happen in the first place anyway. Paid premium for entry . When you expected more, there’s less and it surely didn’t fail at that in all aspects. Story, stunt, script, etc. Even the director himself frankly stated he’s disappointed with the final work, and that is BAD. So sad…

Sunday, August 3, 2008

You good stooodent!

Junk food is killing me on the inside.


Today seems to be my lucky day! I’ve hit the motherload this time, 4 for the price of 1! Beat that, suckas! Watch out, the vending machine has lost it!

So feeling good about myself, I’ll be treating y’all with my first entry of the month. And now I emerge upon your stinky faces once more for more useless ramblings, muahaha, ehuk ehuk. Man, a lot happened since the last post but I’m kinda lazy to blog about it. I’m getting even heavier in the ass to continue with my studio works (what to do; the drive is not there in the first place anyway… sienz). Fuck it. Just trying to get it over with and get it done. Any help and tips on the concepts and designs for budget hotel is much obliged. Arigato gozaimatsu!


Went to PIKOM PC Fair in Persada Jaya, JB yesterday and well, it still sucked ass (not much of a shocker there). Not much gaming stuff and new gadgets; just your typical run in the mill junk… and ass cracks. Really! Anyway, spotted a lot of UTM students working there, earning extra dough for future weddings. Bought a laptop sleeve and that’s it.


And this engtao dude right here was making cash selling Garmin GPSes, just so he gets to wear a pair of beer goggles in Langkawi this Thursday. To DUIs and getting stoned, hoorah!! @.@|||

A movie a week is a reaaally bad habit, sucking your wallet dry like straw, slurp… Quite a few good movies that came out this year that was hard to pass up everytime (‘Wanted’ shits on collateral damage like nothing else, booyah!). But The Dark Knight is worth the famine. Met my every expectations charged up for the past half a year; engaging storyline, exhilarating car chases, and top-notch presentation. Especially noted was the performance by Heath Ledger, simply classic! Now it really seems much more feasible for a dead guy to win an Oscar, after all the hoohaas that’s been surmounting months before the release. After the show, I’ve noticed myself for not glancing over to check my watch during the entire one and a half hour running time. Well, that’s a good thing.

Well, better get back to translating architecturally plagued materials while rolling on the floor, laughing at myself. Quote from a friend’s article : “It is an incoherent jumble of pathetic but sinister and scaleless object-buildings feebly gesturing at each other over a civil engineer’s lunch of writhing roads and a suburban railway.” WTF was that?! And I thought The King Of All Cosmos was just being an ass…